The Importance of Being Earnest

“Better is a poor person who walks in their integrity than one who is crooked in speech and is a fool.”
– Proverbs 19:1

Our world is changing.

Each day is different – pollution levels are increasing, the sea level is rising and the number of deaths due to preventable diseases seems to show no sign of slowing.

But there is hope too. Hope driven by wonderful people just living their lives day by day.

They seek no celebrity, no front page article, no compensation for their stories, and no acknowledgement for the powerful change they bring just by being.

This week the Soho Gathering has heard two stories from those that are changing the world day by day, just be living authentically, honestly and earnestly.

Earlier this week, I heard from one of our dear friends and was asked to pray for them as they came out to some conservative peers. This bold action will potentially have long lasting repercussions but I firmly believe that their integrity will echo far longer.

Last night, as we gathered in The Yard Bar, we met with a new friend who shared with us the journey they’ve been on for the last 15+ years. They spoke freely and beautifully about the responses they’vSoho.July30.15e experienced from Church, family and previous partners as they journeyed to come out in a Conservative Evangelical context.

Neither of our friends will make the front page of tomorrow’s papers, nor will their stories go viral, but the authenticity of their actions – their desire to uphold their integrity at all costs will send shockwaves through their communities, both Church and beyond.

Our world is being changed through the importance of being earnest, honest, authentic and full of integrity.

Our world is changing and there’s hope for it yet.

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