The Presence of God

This week’s blog installment takes the form of Luke’s sermon from yesterday (Sunday 30th August) at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, London. Read, comment and join the conversation! 116. Does anyone want to fathom a guess at what that number could mean? [Encourage guessing from the congregation.] Well in fact, today marks that it is only […]

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Clipped wings

Calling; a strange and difficult concept to explain. An idea, that as human beings, we have some kind of role that we were meant to fulfil. This could be a job, a relationship, a decision to emigrate. When people ask me why I went into ministry, I will sometimes answer ‘because God called me’. When […]

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There & Back Again

Our post last week received mixed response, it’s fair to say. Some were impressed by the passion, the force of the language and the raw emotion that lay beyond it all. Some were deeply offended, unimpressed by the swearing and confused as to what we were trying to say. Firstly, we would like to say […]

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Time To Turn Some Tables

This morning The Telegraph published this article: You know what the problem with this is? It’s not the fact that this man is being forced to choose between the man he loves and his sense of call to an identified ministry, because those are the rules of the Anglican Communion and they therefore should be […]

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