What are you angry about?

I’ve spent a week reflecting on where do you I meet with God, it’s not in the quiet, or in music, or even in the activity of my day… but then I realised. I meet God in anger.

In frustration and disbelief at the world, at the church and at individuals.

I’m angry, because when the church publicly discusses same sex relationships and the bible, hate crime increases.

I’m angry that LGBT are kept out of churches because of a god of fear rather than included for a God of love.

I’m angry, because when my colleague shared a wonderful example of interfaith engagement starting from a small declaration of love he was met with small minded aggression, dismissal and disgust,

I’m angry because I see my tradition ‘scapegoating’ good men and women in the name of unity

I’m angry when I hear that the bigger names in the church who disown their own children and that this is acceptable behaviour for a minister but loving someone of the same sex is not.

I’m angry because a woman can be berated on the bus for fifteen ministers straight for being a Muslim and no one steps up to challenge the behaviour.

I’m angry because Islamic religious leaders are the ones being scrutinised for ‘hate speech’

I’m angry because the people who walk through the doors of my church are human beings but are treated by the state as less than human.

I’m angry because this allows them to be a target for benefit sanctions, to be spat at, pissed on, and kicked in the street.

I’m angry that to speak of peace and diplomacy with the most violent of political factions is considered ‘a danger to national security’ but throwing bombs from afar at people we (probably) armed months ago is wise and just action.

I’m angry at individuals who are so convinced of their own ‘righteous’ beliefs that it becomes acceptable to bully and berate anyone who is different.

I’m angry when we are so focused on maintaining ‘peace’ and the status quo that we miss opportunities.

I’m angry that we allow our blessings to be frittered away on false economies rather than invest in a better future and to care for the people who are our responsibility.

I’m angry that those who benefitted from the community around them and were included, then declined to include and have been some of the most disingenuous people I have ever encountered.

I am angry, and it’s where I meet God, in the temple turning over tables.

What are you angry about?

One thought on “What are you angry about?

  1. I agree with most of this, but in the spirit of contention, I have some points to make, however ill-advised, about inclusion:

    Church is amazing at surface inclusion. Virtually every church I’ve been to. The question then becomes, what type of inclusion are we dealing with?

    Included but:
    – humiliated
    – stigmatised and scapegoated
    – should ‘know your place’
    – micro-managed
    – loved but not liked
    – liked but not loved
    – a second class citizen
    – needs to change
    – unconditionally accepted (but conditionally)

    Included and:
    – liked and loved
    – doesn’t have to change to be loved and liked
    – unconditionally accepted (end of)
    – genuinely equal regardless of merit

    Now I’m aware that this is very subjective and probably quite radical – I would add (rather contentiously) that the church owes people nothing and people owe the church nothing. Everything else is a bonus – from that place, I believe wonderful things can happen, and even if they don’t, that’s fine too. Yes, there can be positive tension for change, but sometimes, that freedom from pressure is one of the most liberating things to see God’s Kingdom come in the church (community, building, etc.) one could imagine. Ironically, the one way change is most likely to take place.

    That’s my heresy for the day. Much love!


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