I don’t think I’ve ever belonged in the middle, I was just born there. Middle-class, middle-England, middling at school, middle, middle, middle me. To which I could add white, male, and straight. Straight down the middle of the road, me. Except I never felt like I belonged there. I was made for something else, maybe […]

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Fancy A Walk?

It’s probably a good idea to start with a confession, as a good Anglo-Catholic!  I’m not very good at being a proper gay man or a proper Christian.  The issues and debates that I’m supposed to be passionate about I’m often not and my righteous indignation often goes AWOL.  So the last few weeks have […]

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Mortality is on my mind at the moment, I imagine it’s on many people’s minds. At the Gathering we deal with many taboos. Death in our scientific western healthcare world has become one of the great taboos, we hide it away, demand hospitals stop it, don’t talk about it in polite society, trivialise it in films […]

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