A Christian, a Muslim and a Jew walk into a room… It sounds like the start of an awful joke; in reality it signalled the beginning of an evening with Stonewall exploring how people of all faiths can partner together and seek a way forward when our religious groups disagree on issues of human sexuality […]


Who Are You For?

Lent. A small enough word but big enough to make people rush around busily giving up things and make others roll their eyes at all this exterior religion. And it has all happened rather quickly this year hasn’t it? One minute we’re in the Temple hearing the praise and prophecies of Simeon and Anna over […]

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Wrestling with faith

Like many people, I tend to grapple with the various factors in my life which have influenced my worldview. I may be heterosexual but am definitely LGBTIQ+ affirming (in both Christian and secular contexts) and I am a libertarian socialist (or at least I try to be – and no, they don’t have to be […]

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Call to action

Call to action.I have experienced, prejudice because of my gender, height, style, faith. Ignored, left out, belittled, condemned because of who I am, or how I look, or what I believe. Faced with walls in all directions rejected and/or put on trial by those I considered friends, by those who know themselves to be ‘right’! […]

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