We all stand together

This was the first tweet I sent as the Soho Gathering from the Baptist Assembly, ‘We all stand together to worship’.

My last blog was an expression of frustration at some within our Union who are abusing that perceived power they have to force and coerce others to conform to their narrow view. Then I went to Assembly and gathered with Baptists from all over the UK and we stood together in a room with each other and sang our worship to Christ.

Did you know there is something that happens in our brains when humans engage in corporate sung worship that can be measured scientifically? If you stuck wires to our heads and hooked us up to the right machine you would see different parts of the brain light up that doesn’t happen at football stadiums, concerts or other gatherings. This isn’t unique to Christian worship but there is something amazing, profound and transcendent when we gather as a people with a focus to connect with the divine through song.

Some of us are wired in such a way that we find it easier to experience the mystical and the divine, for most of us corporate sung worship gives us that leg up.

We all stand together, hearts facing the same direction, intent on praising, connecting engaging with our God, straining to catch a glimpse of the unknowable…everything else just falls away. Doctrine, dogma, opinion, and agendas slip away and in that moment we are truly one. We have a sense of eternity, and no I’m not commenting on the endless loop that we sometimes get caught in between the bridge and the chorus, but our the attitude which we adopt when we respond to God. The awareness of presence that we can struggle to find in our everyday lives.

And God looks at it and sees that it is good.

I stood there, and then I sat and I drew on my Ipad, and I listened, and I sang and I knew that I did this with those whom I disagreed with, I did this with those who disagree with me. I did this with those I am angry with and with those who would unaccredited me. But in that space, none of that mattered because we love God and know that he loves us, and I saw the face of Christ.

I pray you can meet with the Divine in this way, that you can see Christ in your comrade, your sisters and even your enemy.


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