Encouraging genuine conversation between faith groups, the LGBTQ+ and marginalised communities.

We meet weekly on Thursdays, 6.30pm at Tokyo Diner (WC2H 7JJ) for dinner, followed by drinks at The Yard Bar (W1D 7PL) from 8pm.

Hosted by Luke and Dawn, who have known each other for far too many years and through far too many awful haircuts. For different reasons they feel passionately about the misrepresentation that has occurred in the struggle between the Church and the LGBT community and have felt driven to try to build bridges between the two.

This site is an extension of what happens on a Thursday night and our next step in world domination! You’ll find conversations, opinions, about life the universe and everything. We share our blogs, articles, ourselves and give space to question.

Both Luke and Dawn trained at Spurgeon’s Bible College in South London and are keen speakers, conversationalists and all-round people folk; perhaps you feel that a dialogue needs to begin at your Church, small group, or faith community, or that you’d benefit from a sermon led by Luke and Dawn, or perhaps you have a pastoral situation and need people to talk it through with someone outside of the context? We are keen to be involved as and where our skill sets might be needed, as faith communities continue this journey concerning human sexuality.

Luke also writes regarding his personal experiences through his blog: bwhbad.blogspot.com

We’d love to hear from you you, and you can do so by our contact details: here.

2 thoughts on “ABOUT THE GATHERING

  1. Hi,
    My name is Steve and I am a gay Christian. I have just come across this site and am interested in coming along to your Thursday evening group. I have a passion for learning more about building bridges between faith communities and the LGBT community. I would love to meet you all and to see what the group is all about.
    Best wishes,
    Steve Doran.


    1. Hi Steve,

      Lovely to hear from you. We’re meeting irregularly at the moment but I’d recommend you come along to Two:23 to meet some other likeminded gay Christians, as well as Luke and Dawn who organise Soho Gathering.

      The next Two:23 date is the 16th September and the website is here so you can read some more information: http://www.two23.net/


      Soho Gathering


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