A Renewed Journey

Stephanie joined Bloomsbury Central Baptist as an intern for six weeks across July and August and shares some of her experiences in this blog. I haven’t got a fixed opinion about the LGBTQ+ topic at the moment. I had thought that I did, and what I thought was my opinion had done me quite well […]

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The Pilgrimage of Pride

Reflecting on a Pride celebration is often a challenge because you first need to decide what it is you hoped/wanted/dreamt Pride to be. For many, Pride is their gateway to the LGBTQ+ community; a chance to meet people who think, behave, dress, sound and exist just as they themselves do. For others, it is the […]

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In terms of international LGBT+ celebrations, Transgender Day of Visibility is a relatively recent movement, founded by trans activist Rachel Crandall in 2009. In contrast to the more sombre Transgender Day of Remembrance, which serves as a day of mourning and honouring those in our community we’ve lost to transphobic violence, March 31st is a […]

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Dawn and Luke are delighted to announce that Joey Knock (@JoeyKnock) is joining our small and nimble team to coordinate Soho Gathering’s Social Media efforts! Moving forward, Joey will take primary responsibility* for tweeting and posting via Facebook to engage with the LGBT+, faith and marginalised communities as we continue to drive the conversation forward […]



It’s not often that I have those moments of inspiration, a moment so clear that it’s not really a light bulb flicking on above my head but rather a floodlight on a sports pitch. Not to blow my own horn here, but I really think a conversation I had whilst visiting Tirana recently is on […]