Giving to receive

The thought of giving with expectation of return is something that is either seen as the epitome of the ‘worldly materialistic selfish secular’, or the driving force behind the ‘unhealthy dangerous prosperity gospel’. In most of our good Christian circles altruism is the flavour of the day, led of course by the unconditional grace of […]

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Being a non-conformist at school was not cool. Doing anything other than the mainstream would have you maliciously assigned a detrimental label; some seemingly wore those labels with pride, like the Goths for example (am I showing my age now?) but others sought to distance themselves from such labels, especially when aspersions of sexuality were […]



Through August I experienced a freedom of movement that many would give their worldly possessions for, and for which many have and still failed to achieve. I travelled to the US for work at the beginning of the month and then after a week back in the UK I set off on a 9 country, […]

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The ‘Other’

by Simon Cole-Savidge Mulling over what to write for the ‘Soho Gathering’ blog this week, I considered a ‘Brexit vs. Bremain’ response, where I would discuss the nuances of my ‘Soft Eurosceptic – Remain’ stance. I wondered whether elaborating on altruism towards Syrian refugees and other ex-pats heading into the UK, could actually be re-framed […]

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We all stand together

This was the first tweet I sent as the Soho Gathering from the Baptist Assembly, ‘We all stand together to worship’. My last blog was an expression of frustration at some within our Union who are abusing that perceived power they have to force and coerce others to conform to their narrow view. Then I […]

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Instead of our normal Thursday night down the Yard this week, Luke and I, together with others from Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, went along to the Copper Box in the Olympic park. We were a small group in a nearly-6000 strong turnout for the London Citizens Mayoral Assembly. The two main runners in the London […]

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